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EDITION # April 2014
iMENTORS beta is live!
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IST-Africa 2014: How using iMENTORS and open aid data enhances the coherence of international aid

Louis Papaemmanuel, Project Director of iMENTORS, SU, will present iMENTORS at the IST-Africa Conference during Session 8d: eInfrastructures (Thursday, May 08, 2014). IST-Africa 2014 is taking place in Mauritius (06 - 09 May) and is the ninth in an annual series of Ministerial Level Technology Research Conferences. More...

Project impact can be a search attribute! #evaluation #monitoring

iMENTORS team for Platform customization and integration has been working on the method for performing 'what-if' analyses in the context of e-infrastructure projects as well as on a method for following-up on ongoing projects relative to the expectations outlined in its early proposal stage. More...

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Towards continental Research and Educational Network in Africa

Africa is slowly making a steady progress towards establishing National and Regional Research and Educational Networks (RRENs). iMENTORS has mapped 23 individual NRENs, 13 of which are members of Ubuntu Alliance, 6 WACREN members and 4 ASREN members. More...

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ICRI 2014 REPORT: How research infrastructures can respond to global challenges

Athina Vrakatseli, project Dissemination and Sustainability leader and Head of Policy Development Unit at Gov2u, attended ICRI 2014. The 2nd International Conference on Research Infrastructures (2-4 April 2014, Athens, Greece) managed to highlight what lessons have been learned from the past, and what the priorities and directions are for the future of global research infrastructures. More...

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Sources in Africa

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Quantitative scenario-based assessment of contextual factors for ICT4D projects: Design And Implementation in a web based tool

An analysis of contextual factors is essential for decision-makers at the project proposal screening and evaluation. A paper presenting iMENTORS tool for analysis of contextual factors will be published by Springer in a book of Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing series. More...

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Collaborating for research in Africa: AFRICA BUILD and iMENTORS

iMENTORS has embarked on a number of partnerships with external partners for the purpose of data sharing and communication. A Memorandum of understanding (MoU), a document describing a bilateral agreement, was signed in March 2013 between iMENTORS and AFRICA BUILD indicating an intended common line of action. More...

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Mapping terrestrial networks in Sub-Saharan Africa

The goal of iMENTORS is to identify areas on the map underserved by network operators and providers. These areas also represent good opportunities for governments and the private sector to invest in e-infrastructure projects. More...

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Are you ready for the final launch of the new and comprehensive database on einfrastructures across Africa?

Feel free to peruse the database at and contact iMENTORS with any comments or suggestions through [email protected]
Please note that you can, update the information yourself. Simply create a free user ID and update the database.
Your support is highly appreciated.

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Open Data and Web 2.0 interconnectivity at its best!

iMENTORS is able to synchronize its data with other databases, fully utilizing Open Data and Web 2.0 interconnectivity.
Our development team has included information from CORDIS and the World Bank database, in order to create the largest online repository of eInfrastructure data.

Join us, learn about eInfrastructure projects in the area you are interested in and contribute your own information to our constantly growing database!

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