According to an article published on isgtw, "The Internet2 community is Global,” says Ana Hunsinger, vice president of community engagement at Internet2. “The new name – Internet2 Global Summit – more accurately reflects the growing international nature of our community, the work they do, and the challenges we are rising to meet in partnership with the community.”

The Internet2 community and their initiatives touch many of the major innovations that define our modern digital lives. In 2013, research and education leaders, members, partners, and guests assembled at Internet2’s annual meeting in Arlington, Virginia, US – the first to have a yearly format. This April 6th to 10th, the newly named Global Summit in Denver, Colorado, US, will usher in a new era and continue to define ‘what’s next.’


Internet2 is a not-for-profit networking consortium – a community of American and international leaders, spanning research, academia, industry and government. The Internet2 network connects more than 93,000 US educational, research, government, and ‘community anchor’ institutions – from elementary and higher education institutions to public libraries and museums (not to mention health care organizations).

The advanced networking, cloud, and trust and identity technologies developed and leveraged by this community not only advance research and education, but also accelerate discoveries with lasting impacts across the globe. “‘Powered by the community’ is a phrase that truly exemplifies what Internet2 is all about,” says Hunsinger.

Monday afternoon, Chris Vein, chief innovation officer at the World Bank, will deliver a keynote on global innovation. Vein will focus on the power of advanced networks to spur innovation and transform emerging regions of the world. Tuesday morning, Shirley Jackson, theoretical physicist, inventor, and the 18th president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, US, will present a keynote on the future of the university.

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