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EDITION # January 2014
iMENTORS beta is live!
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Search for Connect 4 Change and many other ICT-related projects in the iMENTORS database!

Does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs fund similar projects in your country? Let us know! More...

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Showcasing the 3rd release of the iMENTORS @the African Union in Addis Ababa

Louis Papaemmanuel, Director of the iMENTORS project, had the opportunity to showcase the 3rd release of the iMENTORS platform, and introduce the novel functionalities amongst other the latest data inventories added to the database, the new crowdsourcing functionalities, and brand new slick design of the interface. More...

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IT engineers, Students, Researchers, Users, Providers...the third version of iMENTORS is for You

The aim of iMENTORS is to help scientists, universities, research and education networks as well as policy-makers and international funders to gain valuable insights on the gaps and progress made in the region and to identify synergies when planning future ICT initiatives within the African continent. More...

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Sources in Africa

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First centralised portal of all high level research facilities and information sources in Africa

iMENTORS’ Research Infrastructures (RIs) database is the first centralised portal of all high level research facilities and information sources in Africa or hosted elsewhere but focusing on Africa. More...

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Does your company have a Global Citizenship or Social Innovation campaign?

If so, contact iMENTORS so we can put your projects on the map! [email protected]. More...

Global Citizenship

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How you can easily assess ongoing projects

The added value of iMENTORS lies in its’ decision- support with the evaluation module to assess ongoing projects and in the contextual factors analysis which enables iMENTORS to assess ICT4D proposals ahead of their implementation by estimating their potential impact. More...

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Over 450,000 km of cable, 58 submarine cables, 150 organizations...and counting

iMENTORS has identified and recorded 58 submarine cables into and out of the African continent. This amounts to over 450,000 km of cable, and over 150 different organizations involved in the funding and operation of the cables. iMENTORS is working on optimizing a method for recording these last-mile terrestrial networks, many of which are on-going projects.

Take a look at the map!

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Techy Africa

iMENTORS in the spotlight

An article about iMENTORS was published yesterday on Techy Africa, a very popular technology blog in Ghana. More...

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CHAIN REDS Workshop on e Infrastructures for Education Research and Development successfully held in Tunis

The rapidly changing scenarios in technology and social activities have to be matched by an evolving Research and Education system based on powerful and fast evolving e-Infrastructures. More...

chain reds
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