iMENTORS has opened its data to all unregistered usersin its last six months of operation. It is important that donors provide information about the aid they give. More important though is for the information to be publicly available in a way that people can easily understand. iMENTORS ( is the most comprehensive data map on ICT investments in Africa and contains data across a multitude of entities, classified as organisations, research infrastructures, fibre networks and projects.


The EU-funded project contains information about all known resources, tools and data supporting community research and development in Africa in the past five years. Registration is only required to update the information available, or to add additional entries. iMENTORS is currently validating all the data it has in its database by contacting all organisations that are registered on the platform.

Aid transparency means that everyone can see how much aid is being donated. This helps to make sure that aid is used in the most effective ways. For this reason, iMENTORS shares more up-to-date information in a form that makes information more accessible to all relevant stakeholders.

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