Louis Papaemmanuel, Project Director of iMENTORS, SU, will present iMENTORS at the IST-Africa Conference during Session 8d: eInfrastructures (Thursday, May 08, 2014). He will explain how using iMENTORS and open aid data enhances the coherence of international aid. IST-Africa 2014 is taking place in Mauritius (06 - 09 May) and is the ninth in an annual series of Ministerial Level Technology Research Conferences.


iMENTORS (www.imentors.eu) is an interactive resource, the first of its kind, to contain  information about all known e-infrastructures in Africa in the past five years. Launched for public use and input in July 2013 iMENTORS provides you with the necessary tool to visualise e-infrastructures and all related projects in Africa.


In December 2013 iMENTORS released version three of its platform, which contains data across a multitude of entities, classified as organisations, research infrastructures, fibre networks and projects and lays a foundation for better services, encourages research and connects cross-continental progress. The next step is to consolidate the results of our vast data collection efforts through crowdsourcing and citizens’ input.

Hosted by the Government of Mauritius through the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology and the National Computer Board, and Supported by the European Commission (EC) and African Union Commission (AUC), IST-Africa 2014 (06 - 09 May) is the ninth in an annual series of Ministerial Level Technology Research Conferences.

Focused on Information Society and ICT Policy Dialogues, International Development and Research Cooperation and Community Building, each conference brings together senior representatives of leading public, private, education and research organisations from 50 countries to discuss policy, share insight and identify collaboration opportunities.

The goals of the IST-Africa Conference Series are to:  

- Support Development of the Information Society and Knowledge Economy in Africa

- Promote International Research and Development Cooperation and Coordination

- Showcase African Research and Innovation Capacity

- Stimulate exploitation of research results by the public and private sectors

The 4th Annual IST-Africa Living Lab Thematic Working Group meeting will take place on Tuesday 06 May as a pre-conference event with other co-located multi-lateral and bi-lateral meetings taking place during the week.

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