27 February 2014, Florence


COEURE - COoperation for EUropean Research in Economics - is a project intended to bring together the key stakeholders in the European economic research space - scientists from the different strands of economic research in Europe, economic policy makers, and funders of economic research - and which, by a process of stocktaking, consultation and stakeholder involvement, is aimed to formulate an Agenda for Research Funding for Economics in Europe.


It is framed within the European's Commission Horizon 2020 initiative, the next European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, Social Sciences and Humanities Area. Consequently, the main objectives of COEURE are to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the European research in economics and to map the frontiers of economic research, assessing the European contribution to these frontiers and evaluating its potential to contribute to the policy issues on the European 2020 Agenda.

Therefore, COEURE will be investigating how economic research addresses the following crucial policy issues on the European political agenda. In order to do so, it will produce a series of surveys on the different policy issues. Surveys will be focused around 12 main topics: (these topics might be included in a link and not directly in the page, in order to make it shorter)

  1. Data and methods
  2. Population, migration, aging and health
  3. Inequality and Welfare
  4. Human capital and education
  5. Labor Markets
  6. R&D, innovation and growth
  7. Competition and Regulation in markets for goods and services
  8. Financial markets
  9. Energy environment and sustainability
  10. Fiscal and monetary policy
  11. Cities, regional development and transport
  12. Trade, globalization and development
  13. More details on the project and the conference are available at www.coeure.eu.

The COEURE Project will hold its first Executive Committee Meeting on the 27th of February in Florence, Italy. This meeting is aimed at bringing together the project's partenaires and discussing these objectives, as well as the scope and the methodologies of this cooperative project.

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