iMENTORS hosted  a workshop with the e-infrastructure stakeholders in Africa, to collect input and encourage the crowdsourcing efforts and participation on the platform.

Over 200 delegates attended the event including: institutions, national and international companies, SMEs, academia, research institutes, etc. Louis Papaemmanuel had the opportunity to showcase the 3rd release of the iMENTORS platform, and introduce the novel functionalities which were launched in October 2013, including amongst other the latest data inventories added to the database, the new crowdsourcing functionalities, and brand new slick design of the interface. Louis shared the panel with other representatives and stakeholders of the e-Infrastructures realm, such as the directors of the Nigerian NREN and representatives of the WACREN RREN.

With a wide range of themes explored, a comprehensive programme ensured all participants developed international, cross-cutting contacts and enhanced their knowledge and expertise.


This edition of the 'Africa-EU Cooperation Forum on ICT' (Dec. 2-3, 2013) was held in the framework of the AUC Internet/ICT Week and is taking place this week in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The year 2013 marks the 50th anniversary celebration of the formation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) / African Union (AU). The AUC Internet/ICT Week is part of a series of celebration events. This is thus a wonderful token of trust and confidence from the AUC towards the EuroAfrica-ICT/P8 Partnership.

Aiming at strengthening and supporting the development of cooperation on ICT research and ICT4D between Africa and Europe, the '2013 Africa-EU Cooperation Forum on ICT' is the sixth of a series of very successful conferences organised by the EuroAfrica-ICT Initiative under the aegis of the European Commission (EC, DG CONNECT) and the African Union Commissions (AUC, Information Society Division) and in the framework of the Joint Africa-EU Strategic Partnership (JAES).